19 June 2024

Features of Purifry


Promoting Healthy Deep Frying Habits


Cooking oil is the cornerstone of countless delicious meals, but it’s repeated reuse can lead to the formation and accumulation of harmful contaminants. Enter Purifry, a novel solution designed to ensure your cooking oil remains fresher, safer with, reduced invisible harmful contaminants. In this comprehensive article, we'll explore the features and benefits of Purifry, detailing how it can transform your cooking experience.



What is Purifry?


Purifry is an novel product that adsorbs soluble contaminants formed in used cooking oil, making it safer for reuse. It’s a cutting-edge cooking oil purifier that reduces soluble contaminants from your oil, ensuring that every meal you prepare is healthier and enjoyable. The technology behind Purifry that is that it contains a blend of food grade adsorbents that act like magnets in hot oil to reduce the soluble contaminants formed in the oil during frying, It is a scientifically tested and eco-friendly solution for every kitchen.



How to Use Purifry


Using Purifry is simple and effective, ensuring minimal disruption to your cooking routine. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Drop a Power Pack into hot oil after frying is complete and stir the oil for a minute.
  2. Leave it alone to let it absorb the invisible contaminants.
  3. Remove the Power Pack once the oil cools down.
  4. Reuse your purifryed oil for cooking again.

The Purifry Power Pack is disposable in home garbage after use, making it a convenient addition to your kitchen routine.



Top Features of Purifry

  1. Easy to Use: Simply drop the Power Pack into hot oil and let it work its magic.
  2. Scientifically Proven: Backed by over six years of research with a team headed by Dr Deepa Bhajekar, PhD in food microbiology from ICT Mumbai (formerly UDCT Mumbai).
  3. Reduces Invisible Harmful Contaminants: Purifry effectively reduces invisible harmful contaminants like free fatty acids and peroxides that are formed during frying of food. This makes your cooking oil safer and healthier for reuse.
  4. Does Not Affect the Oil Properties and Taste of Oil: Purifry does not tamper with the properties or taste of your oil. It purifies the oil without altering its original flavor, ensuring that your food remains delicious and true to its intended taste. 
  5. Insoluble in Oil: The ingredients in Purifry Power Packs are insoluble in oil, meaning they do not mix with your oil. This ensures that NO additional chemicals are introduced into your oil.
  6. Makes Oil Lighter and Healthier: By adsorbing soluble contaminants from the cooking oil, Purifry makes your cooking oil lighter and healthier for your cooking needs.
  7. Simple & Easy to use: The convenience of Purifry cannot be overstated. Its easy to uses and effective process means that you simply incorporate it into your cooking routine without any extra effort.
  8. Suitable for All Cooking Oils and Desi Ghee: Purifry is can be used with all types of cooking oils and desi ghee. Whether you use vegetable oil, or ghee, Purifry can help reduce the contaminants from your oil and so it can be used in any kitchen.
  9. Eco-Friendly: Purifry Does NOT use any plastic to make its product.





Purifry is more than just an oil purifier; it’s a revolution for every home kitchen. With its Purifry oil cleaner, Purifry oil cleaner pouch, and Purifry oil cleaner
sachet, this innovative solution ensures your cooking oil is healthier and safer during reuse. When you’re deep-frying and cooking your favourite dishes, Purifry makes it possible to enjoy your meals without compromising on health.


By integrating Purifry into your kitchen, you’re not only making a smart investment in your health Discover more about Purifry today and take the first step towards healthier, safer cooking.